Refereed Journal Papers

Assessing Architectural design learning processes
Sofer H., Fisher-Gewirtzman D., and Kalay Y.

A learning Automated 3D Architecture Synthesis Model: demonstrating a Computer Governed Design of minimal apartment units based on human perceptual and physical needs
Polak N., Fisher-Gewirtzman D.

A Physical Effort Based Model for Pedestrian Movement in Topographic Urban Environment
Greenberg E, Natapov A, Fisher-Gewirtzman D.

Usability validation of a real time three-dimensional visualization-mapping model
Eladr R., Fisher-Gewirtzman D.

A Network Approach to Link Visibility and Urban Activity Location
Natapov A, Czamanski D, Fisher-Gewirtzman D

Perception of density by pedestrians on urban paths: an experiment in virtual reality
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman

The impact of alternative interior configurations on the perceived density in minimum apartments
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman

Adaptive Reuse Architecture documentation and analysis
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman

3D visibility analysis reflecting quantitative and qualitative aspects of the visible space
D. Golub, Y. Doytsher & D. Fisher-Gewirtzman

Integrating weighted views to quantitative 3D visibility analysis as a predictive tool for perception of space
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman

The association between perceived density in minimum apartments and spatial openness index three-dimensional visual analysis
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman

Visibility of urban activities and pedestrian routes: An experiment in a virtual environment
A.Natapov, D.Fisher-Gewirtzman

Visuospatial search in urban environment simulated by random walks
Asya Natapov, Daniel Czamanski & Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman

To go where no man has gone before: Virtual reality in architecture, landscape architecture and environmental planning
Michelle .E.Portman, A.Natapov, D.Fisher-Gewirtzman

Different approaches of visibility analyses;  Applied on a hilly urban environment
Fisher-Gewirtzman D. and Natapov A.

Voxel Based Volumetric Visibility Analysis of Urban Environments
Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Shashkov A. and Doytsher Y.

Can visibility predict location? Visibility graph of food and drink facilities in the city
Natapov A, Czamanski D, Fisher-Gewirtzman D.,

An agent-based model for simulating urban morphology: Sachnin as a case study
Fisher-Gewirtzman D. and Blumenfeld-Liberthal E.

Visual Exposure & Visual Openness integrated approach and comparative evaluation
Shach-Pinsly D., Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Burt M.

Visual Exposure analysis model: A comparative evaluation of three case studies
Shach Pinsly D., Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Burt M.

A quantitative method for visual analysis: A comparative evaluation for urban coastal environments
Shach Pinsly D., Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Burt M.

The spatial openness index: An automated model for three-dimensional visual analysis of urban environments
Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Wagner I.

Urban coastal environments: quantitative methods for visual analysis and comparative evaluation
Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Shach-Pinsly D., Wagner I. and Burt M.

A 3-D Visual Method for Comparative Evaluation of Dense Built-Up Environments
Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Burt M. & Tzamir Y.

Spatial Openness as a Practical Metric for Evaluating Built-Up Environments
Fisher-Gewirtzman D. & Wagner I.

An Integral Spatial Approach to Comparative Evaluation of Dense Environments
Fisher-Gewirtzman D., Tzamir Y, Burt M.